Guest DJ: Gabriel Saurer, Filmmaker

Last week we interviewed filmmaking brothers Gabriel & Nathan Saurer of Switzerland-based (check out the interview HERE). We asked them to curate a mixtape of their favorite songs from the Marmoset catalog, and they brought back the inspiring "Swiss Wrapping."

Dig some of the tracks including...

With every string pluck and acoustic guitar strum, Belvedear's "Love Lines" beams with optimism and hope. This orchestral-pop song will send you off on a journey with confidence.

On the dreamier side, "Like We Never Have" by Gangplans sails on serene waters. This emotional electro-pop track bounces along with drum machine, synthesizers and oohs & ahhs into bright and energetic heights.

Making Movies makes their presence known with the hard-hitting track "Pendulum Swing." Packed with infectious grooves, this youthful instrumental is brings a charming sense of mystery with it's high energy.

Check out the entire mixtape HERE.



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