Balancing Gravity and Grace // 3 Dreamy Folk-Pop Songs from Hunter G K Thompson

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Sure, there's a ton of great tracks out there, but the task for any filmmaker is finding the right track to accompany your film's mood. The dynamics between music and picture shift with the focus of any given project, however the consistent ingredient of a successful collaboration is how the two elements come together to form a larger, compelling story.

The serene and hopeful songs of Hunter G K Thompson might be the perfect piece to complete your story. Here are 3 songs from this Redding, CA-based ensemble might help you find what you're looking for.

The inspiring track "Clouds" immediately settles into a reflective and hopeful vibe with steady acoustic guitar. Telling a tale of discovery and adventure, surging percussion, lifts the mood into a euphoric and inspiring state. Oohs & Ahhs bring in an angelic charm around 2:54 settling back into a calm, reflective nature. 

Emotional and empowering, "Springtide Summer" says a lot with so little. Like a lullaby, light piano and strings lead you into a dream state. This intimate track ascends slowly over time, like watching a sunrise after staying up all night. Big drums increase the intensity around 4:22, adding an anthemic quality, while keeping a chill vibe.

"Snow" might bring the imagery of winter, yet it is by no means cold. There is a vulnerable, human story here, similar to listening to a story from a close friend. Atop a lush bedding of acoustic guitar and banjo, angelic male and female vocals trade off singing, then come to together in captivating harmony, fully encompassing those reflective times we hold so dear.

Posted on September 10, 2014 and filed under Music.