Wonderful's "Rainbow Colors" is the perfect anthem of community

Every now and then we need a little help to get to where we're going;  we need community. We're excited to present a track by Wonderful that bursts with color, feeling more like a call to action than a passive song. This is a song that brings people together in harmony.

Raise your flag high and march along to the wonderfully enchanting, inspirational anthem that is "Rainbow Colors." Driven by a steady drum beat, an acoustic guitar and a playfully distorted piano, this song provides an abundance of textures and color, underneath a sometimes quirky, yet equally empowering melody. Fearless and powerful, this track is calling you...inviting you into an imaginative story of strength, hope and optimism...with fireworks!

For the instrumental version, click here.

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Posted on August 26, 2014 and filed under Music.