The soundtrack to discovery // 3 inspiring + orchestral pop songs from Cup of Gold

The moment of discovery is something that can be hard to put into words. Like seeing the Cascade mountains for the first time, or traveling to a distant part of the world;  there's a magic that can't be easily explained - music can play a large role is conveying an emotion that goes beyond words.

There is an abundance of hope and optimism that is captured within every anthemic song from Cup of Gold. Composer, Dan Koch (Sherwood, The Long Valley, Sea of Cortez) embraces a more cinematic approach with these inspiring, orchestral compositions.

Take for example the track "Summer Rain," keeping a warm, inviting vibe that leads you down a bright, sun-dappled path, rising and falling with crescendos of acoustic guitar, piano and steady percussion. There's an eternal summer locked inside this song that tells a story of friendship, comfort and reflection.

The whimsical and playful "Sweeping Views" lays a foundation for big ideas. Starting out with reflective piano, the mood picks up into epic territory with big drums, sweeping strings and lush bedding of synthesizer. This track moves mountains.

"Climbing the Tree" is a fitting name for this track, as it steadily ascends into beautiful swells of strings, big drums and piano. Powerful, empowering and confident, this is a heart-felt journey to a bright and hopeful destination. Take in the breath-taking, panoramic views with this one. 

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