Vintage vibes, modernized // 3 new throwbacks that shake things up


When it comes to crafting a song that is heavily influenced from another era, it can lead to feeling too much like a replica. Sometimes to pay homage to a vintage sound from the past, you need to put your own spin on it, bringing it into the present.

We're excited to present 3 new songs that capture the essence of the past while having a unique flare of originality of modern influences.

Let's get on with the music, shall we?


The Satin Chaps

There are enough retro-grooves within each track from The Satin Chaps to last a lifetime. Need something to lift the mood of your project? Check out "Lil' Sweater." Mixing together pop and soul, this energetic instrumental stomps and claps along with vibrant horns, vintage organs and playful electric guitar. Unapologetically drawing influences from 60s-era Go-Go, they create something new and refreshing at the same time.

Take to the streets with "Everybody Knows" by Miracle Falls. This classic pop-rock song bounces along with washy electric guitar textures and constant piano leading the way. Nostalgic, yet very modern, this track captures a familiar and comforting vibe, complete with catchy vocal melodies that demand you to clap along. The perfect track for those hot summer nights in the city.

Step into the future as the 80's envisioned with the electro-pop from I Will Keep Your Ghost. This Everett, WA-based duo creates infectious dance music with attitude.  Take for example, their mysterious track "Island" that moves with a chill, collected vibe, driven by steady drum machines, gritty electric guitar and imaginative synthesizer melodies. By no means is this song passive, it sets off on a journey into space, fully embracing the unknown. 

Posted on August 25, 2014 and filed under Music.