Balancing power with subtlety // 3 imaginative, chamber-driven tracks from Jeff Mercel

A powerful song doesn't always mean loud and anthemic. Sometimes the songs that move us the most, come in subtle forms. We're honored to present the chill, orchestral compositions of Jeff Mercel.

Drawing from a deep well of musical experience (including being a key member of the art-rock outfit Mercury Rev), this well-seasoned composer/multi-instrumentalist conveys so much emotion in every piano melody and string pluck. 

We present 3 cinematic tracks that can add weight and emotional vibrancy to your project. 

Diving directly into vulnerable territory, the piano-driven "Sinking in the Rain" drifts along in a reflective, yet bright state. Keeping in calm fashion, hopeful string swells pick up the mood, transforming the entire piece into an imaginative and romantic declaration of love.

Adding drum machine and synthesizer into the mix, "Undercurrents" presents a dynamic story of reflection. Sparse piano provides percussion along with blips of synthetic textures, leading down a cool, hypnotic trail, lulling you to a calm, collected destination.  

"Tower View" gives a panoramic view of a lush bedding of driving strings, horns and big drums. Quickly ascending into an honorable journey, empowered and charged with epic energy, the one thing to remember is to breathe after listening.


Check out Jeff Mercel's Marmoset Artist Profile for his entire catalog.



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