The Hope and Drama of Parenthetical Girls

Sometimes what can drive a story home is a heightened sense of drama - A flare of theatrics.

We're excited to introduce the innovative music of Parenthetical Girls. Combining electronic and baroque sensibilities, each song bursts with a wide spectrum of sound, ranging from bombastic orchestral arrangements to gritty, dirty guitar ballads. What ties each song together is a keen sense of melodrama, perfect for those climactic moments of epiphany in your project.

Now, let's get to the music...

"Evelyn McHale" is a sweet song that bounces with exciting energy. Feeling much like a 50's-era love ballad, the futuristic sounds from the synthesizer create an unique mood all in itself. Steady acoustic guitar strums are matched with big drums leading the way, building a powerful, nostalgic narrative.

Heading more into the electronic world, "Curtains" brings in strong 80's vibes. The haunting vocals from frontman Zac Pennington lull everything into an intimate and reflective state. Filled with drum machine and lush synthesizer, this calm and collected composition evokes the imagery of a long night drive with no particular destination, but wild abandon.

Picking things up, "Note To Self" races with high energy. Reminiscent to the sounds of Phoenix, big drums ecstatically drive this imaginative song along in a playful manner. Acoustic guitar, piano and synthesizer ramp up the mood with energetic melodies. This composition recalls a whole montage of bright memories, all converging together in a tapestry of hope and optimism.

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Posted on August 12, 2014 and filed under Music.