Balancing grace and grit in the new Adidas "Energy Boost"

When you find the right song for a project, you just know and feel it.

Collaborating with our friends at Sockeye and Adidas Running, we kept up with the high energy of this recent "Energy Boost" vignette by meeting it head on.

Thanks to director, Sean Broughton (known for his visual effects work with Radiohead and Jamiroquai), we had a lot of dynamic imagery to use as inspiration. We approached this badass celebration of women's athletics by matching it with an equally aggressive, empowered soundtrack. Enter the song "Problem" by Natalia Kills.

This electro-rock composition didn't just fit the vibe of this film, it feels like it was written for it. Keeping a steady, gritty beat along with distorted guitar, this song is unapologetically rebellious, providing an defiant presence throughout this entire video. Bounding along with the fast-paced runner, the strong vocals follow and lead, elevating the vibrant intensity of each scene, while keeping a playful mood.