Step out into the sunshine with our "Playful + Whimsical" Mixtape


Looking for a song to brighten a scene you're working on? Step out into the sunshine with our new "Playful + Whimsical" mixtape.

Here are 3 songs with an upbeat, youthful energy, that inspire the curious spirit we hold inside us. Keep playing and exploring, my friends.

Waltz along with "A Time To Rejoice" by Jimmy Stofer. Swaying with bright piano and soothing synthesizer, this modern lullaby evokes a sense of hope, optimism and wonder. 

"Backyard Swingset" is short, getting right to the point - filled with a breezy, carefree nature that ascends quickly into an angelicrevelatory state, stomping and clapping the whole way.

Sunbeam let's the sun shine in with their folk-pop song "Bulldogs." Driven by acoustic guitar, steady percussion, horns and warm vocals, this song tells a story of friendship, imagination and general positive vibes.

Check out the rest of the mixtape HERE.

Posted on July 31, 2014 and filed under Music.