Featured Artist // The Retro Vibes of Ancient Heat


This nine-piece Portland ensemble doesn't emulate the "sound" of disco, they live and breathe it. Thanks to Ancient Heat, the hypnotic vibes of the 70s are alive and well; complete with pulsating synthesizer, sexy vocals and of course...the occasional sax solo.

Here are three funky tracks that can help create an authentic, vintage aesthetic to any scene you're working on.

"Oh...You Bad" bounces along with thumping bass lines, a strong horn/brass section and pumped up electric guitar. This fun and mischievous composition explodes with color and glitter, evoking vivid images of the best party that you've ever been to.

The steady beats of the soulful "Josephine" keep things interesting with oohs & ahhs and lively percussion. Check out 2:37 where the song takes a more spacious approach and locks into a mesmerizing groove, ascending into a blissed-out state.

"Slap & Gallop" would be the perfect soundtrack to a spy show filled with car chases. Keeping a cool demeanor, this piece goes into more adventurous territory with cinematic horns and reverby vocals. Rising and falling with multiple crescendos, this song dips into subtle grooves with bass dreams and ascends into full blown, electrified anthems.

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