Announcing our new Photo Slideshow License

Summer is upon us. And with Summer comes weddings, graduations, family reunions and other big life and family events. We get that. And after listening carefully to our loyal friends, filmmakers, and clients, we’ve discovered our available click licensing options aren’t ideal for those seeking music for photo slideshow projects. With that in mind, Marmoset is introducing the “Photo Slideshow License” -- a new license crafted specifically with wedding and family event photography slideshows in mind.

What this means: The key word here is “still image.” If you have a series of still images you’re using in a slideshow medium to tell the story of an individual, a couple or family life event, this is the license for you. While the use of motion picture is not allowed for this license, the Photo Slideshow License allows you to set your slideshow of photos to music from the Marmoset catalog -- as long as the slideshow isn’t tied to a business or a for-profit entity.  So, if you’re creating a photo slideshow to promote a business, or if it will be used by a third party organization or passed on to be used by a business, this is not the right license for you. We do however have licensing options to cover those uses and you can easily find those on our music licensing platform at

You can read more about The Photo Slideshow License on our FAQ, or reach us with any questions at  The introductory price for The Photo Slideshow License is $49.

We’re excited about this little announcement and our hope is this added flexibility will make it easier for you to tell the life stories of people, couples, families, and special life events -- backed by the 10,000+ hand-curated songs from Marmoset.