Music + Picture // VSCO + Krochet Kids Intl. Collaborate and Tackle Poverty Together

Nothing is impossible when we collaborate.

VSCO and the non-profit Krochet Kids Intl. (KKi) have banded together to release a beautiful new film today. This colorful piece of work takes us to Peru. We get a chance to see a snapshot of Pilár, a woman who has greatly benefited from the KKi program, lifting herself above poverty.

In this stirring portrait, we witness a positive story that inspires us to celebrate the spirit of collaboration. When VSCO and Krochet Kids pulled in Kye Kye to compliment the moving imagery with their gorgeous soundtrack, they've created something bigger than themselves - a human story of hope and indelible optimism.

Check out the great work that Krochet Kids are doing HERE.

What forms of collaboration have inspired you recently?

- Stirling Myles