Mixtape Monday // Soundtracks for Startups


Looking for a song that matches your accelerated journey of starting from the ground up? We have something for you. We've curated a selection of songs in our new mixtape "Soundtracks for Startups."

When thinking of startup culture, three words often come to mind: innovation, improvement and inspiration. The landscape business is changing fast and we're living in an exciting age of how we approach and connect success with healthy sustainability.

Here are 3 inspiring songs to start you on your path of finding the right song to your story...

Belvedear's upbeat composition "Drivers" confidently marches along with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano all playing harmonizing in unison. Surging with an orchestral feel, this song lifts into a crescendo of optimism at around 1:27 evoking a story of hope and unity.

In such a short time, "Celestial South" tells an emotional tale of honor and empowerment. Heavily driven by guitar, piano and strings, this song dips into hushed states of reflection to transcendent states of euphoria. Like a good beer, this song presents a diverse palette of flavors, leaving you in a more a more elevated mood.

Taking on a more electronic angle, "New York" by Kevin Matley buzzes with great anticipation. Flying along with a steady pulse underneath cinematic piano, this pieces evokes a panoramic imagery of a world beyond ourselves, a wide open space of unique and riveting possibilities.

Check out the entire mixtape HERE.

Posted on June 16, 2014 and filed under Music.