Meet the Grit and Ruckus of Hillstomp // 3 songs that will kickstart your film


Being bad never felt so good.

Born in the woods of Portland, OR, there's a lot of ruckus and sound coming from the duo that makes Hillstomp a force to be reckoned with. Each song is energized with electric guitar, banjo and heavy stomps + percussive clatter. Filled with twang and grit, Hillstomp's unique brand of swamp-rock creates a special sound that cannot be replicated, delivering a raw emotion and story with every note. 

Here are three reasons Hillstomp should be the next band you listen to.

Their song "Santa Fe Line" could easily fit in a rustic outlaw bar way out in the middle of the desert. This piece captures a rebellious spirit that makes you raise your fist in the air. Immediately kicking off with energetic drums, this song races forward with gritty, masculine guitar driving the whole way. 

Showing a lighter side, "Undertow" tells a tale of accepting things for what they are. Banjo takes the lead with a steady pulse of percussion supporting it. Filled with whimsy and earnest vocals, this song provides a sense of intimacy and organic sensibilities.

There's a carefree energy from "Reason to Leave" that can calm the most restless of spirits. Telling a story filled with sentimentality, bouncing along with hope and optimism. Lulling electric guitar and steady clicks from the drums. There is a strong human element to this song, as if it were played on a front porch amidst a muggy Georgia summer.