Share A Coke Collaboration Shines with Summer Vibes

It's official, summer is in full effect. This means backyard BBQs, outings and reunions of every kind. It's the season to step out into the sun to make and share stories. Our recent collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy for the Coca-Cola Company personalizes this summer of sharing with their "Share A Coke" campaign. 

Over the course of this summer, Coca-Cola has replaced their logo with what might be your name; see if you can find yours HERE. If you don't find your name (sorry to folks named Ezekiel), you can make a custom order

Our friends, composers Johnny Clay and Kelly Ann Masigat (The Dimes + Trimountaine) really capture the essence of summer in their original composition for this piece. Bouncing along with joy and a youthful spirit, this song matches the vibrant energy of this spot with steady, marching drums and ascending acoustic guitar. Masigat's voice holds a sunny disposition with her conversational lyrics, narrating throughout the sunny, moving imagery.

This collaboration of music and story is filled with a ton of energy, interlocking with music and imagery. Check out how the drums pick up at 0:35, lifting the scene into a celebration of sight and sound. Enjoy the sweet summer vibes.