Music + Picture // Studio Dunn

From secret sketchbooks to public works of art, dig the dreamy short film about an artist and his lament of love toward his craft.

We take great pride in what we do when we get to see where our music lands in the world. When the new film from Carlos Toro and his team at Steer surfaced, we were simply awe struck and excited to share the wonderful work that they've been up to.

In this beautiful artist portrait of Asher Dunn, founder of Providence, RI-based Studio Dunn, we get a glimpse of the artistic process behind his unique furniture designs. With an intimate feel to the entire piece, many of the shots focus on how organic materials are formed into innovative works of art.

Drew Barefoot brings an ethereal score with the song "Enjoy The Calm," honing in on the reflective state of the film. The light and hopeful music presents a perfect bedding under Dunn's moving narrative. Get inspired with this one...