Peter Young has 2 electro-pop songs that will inspire you

Peter Young.jpg

Within every song from Peter Young, there's a wealth of treasure to uncover. Microscopic worlds exist in every rhythm in this unique brand of electro-pop. With so many engaging + driving elements that are embedded in these compositions, it's only a matter of time until you discover a moment that fits the vibe of your story.

Here are two songs to send you on your way.

The dynamic tale told through "Morning Ace" supports those moments of optimism, inspiration and hope that feed our human story. Electric guitar dances with synthesizer and piano unfolding into a beautiful landscape of sound. 

The song "Trace Run" beams brightly with positive vibes. In just 36 seconds, this composition bounces along, elevating any given moment to an uplifted state of being. Feel the sunshine.

There's a lot more music to dive into at Peter Young's Artist Profile. Have fun.