3 Inspired Songs with Oohs & Ahhs

Have you ever found a song with a catchy melody, but the lyrical content didn't fit your project? Here are 3 instrumentals you can find through our Oohs & Ahhs Search Filter that have the organic + human element without the limited context of lyrics.

"Our Adventure" by The Long Valley is a testament of joy and optimism.  This upbeat anthem steadily marches with stomps, claps, whistling and acoustic guitar.  The gang vocals shout out a simple and direct melody that calls for a sing-a-long. Check out 2:28 where the inspiring harmonies lift the song in beautiful harmony.

There is something very classic and daring with "Wildrunners" by Hugo Hans.  Filled with youthful energy and wild abandon, there is a constant chorus of oohs and ahhs that evoke the sense of adventure and exploration. This song takes flight around 0:16 where the vocals and piano join together in a triumphant anthem.

Venturing into the indie-rock territory, "Far From Home" by Fever Fever takes a more spacious approach with their vocal textures. This song has a grittier approach with synthesizer and hard hitting drums. Filled with mystery and reflection, the energy of the song dips into a ambient place at 2:16 with vocals that feel as if they're floating in space.