Mixtape Monday // Beats + Blips


Things are getting a little glitchy this week.  We're excited to present our new Beats + Blips Mixtape.

We've curated 10 songs that showcase the microscopic textures that make for innovative beats that can stick in your head for days. Each of these instrumentals are pretty damn catchy, and just might be the perfect pairing for the project your working on.  

Take for example, the chill vibes of "Ah" by Courtland Urbano.  This instrumental breaks it down with a steady beat composed of Drum Machines, Synthesizer with Ooh's and Ahh's broken into snippets.  This is a composition that balances the precise and the minimal in perfect harmony.

The organic meets the electronic in "Intimidated by Silence" by Cars & Trains.  Packed with a huge arsenal of instruments including toy piano, glockenspiel and mandolin, the song brings you on a journey to imaginative and microscopic world that you may never want to leave.

Dig the infectious groove in "Kakalak" by Sanford Livingston.  There is a heavy funk influence with a modern flare with heavy beats coming in and out.  This high energy piece brings in an insane amount textures and melodies that bring a whole of attitude along with them.

Dig the rest of the mixtape HERE.

Posted on April 7, 2014 and filed under Music.