Featured Artist // The Soft White Sixties


Looking for a song to meet the energy of your film? We may just have the band for you.

The music of The Soft White Sixties come in bursts of light, beaming flashes that burn hot and fierce.  Each song meets at the crossroads of soul, R&B and straight up rock 'n' roll.  This music is just cool, plain and simple.

We'll begin with the explosive song "City Lights".  This energetic number bursts into the scene with confidence and style.  Packed with handclaps, synthesizers and confident singing, this song struts along with vintage soul and slick production. Check out the instrumental version HERE.

Continuing along, their song "I Ain't Your Mother" glides along playfully and youthful energy. This piece is filled with classic guitar and brings the flare of the sixties without all of the cheesy tapestry.  This instrumental is something vintage and modern at the same time, bringing in a vibe that is unique and timeless.

We'll cap it off with "You Are Gold". This empowering number introduces piano into the mix in anthemic style. You don't need vocals to feel how inspiring this composition is.  This piece ascends with a hopeful message and never misses a beat.

Want to hear more? Check out their Marmoset Artist Profile to hear their entire catalog.

Also, make sure to check out their video below for "City Lights".