Featured Artist // Shenandoah Davis

Shenandoah Davis.jpg

Like great films, the art of writing a good song can sometimes be written by drawing from the past; Creating something that remains relevant and timeless all at once.

The Seattle-based chanteuse Shenandoah Davis evokes the spirit of the roaring 1920's with her own brand of orchestral-pop. Each piano-driven composition hones a fine balance of confidence, class with hints of debauchery. There's a timeless sophistication to Davis's music, an echo from the past that is all too familiar and comforting.

Here are a few examples of how Davis is influenced by the past, backed with her own modern aesthetic...

"Separate Houses" is a reflective ballad with precise piano and lush string arrangement.  At once ornate and cinematic, this beautiful track presents a quirky playfulness that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

"White Wind" presents an imaginative world.  This gorgeous number with a combination of ooh's and ahh's atop a myriad of stringed instruments. Throughout the song, there are dense textures with confident and confident lyricism, bringing together this angelic ballad.

The mischievous song "Throne" carries a whimsical atmosphere with playful vocals and bouncy piano.  There's moments of doo-wop that immediately goes into classical territory.  This song is adventurous and travels to many different moods.