5 Unsappy Songs for Springtime (say that five times fast)

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Hey cheer up folks, it's springtime. Everything is new again. The sun is out, flowers are growing everywhere and we can finally break out those ridiculous shorts.  

As we head into the (much needed) warm weather, we present 5 songs that capture the spirit of the season without getting too sappy and sentimental.


1. "Sun Dream" - The Little Indians

This song gets right to it with handclaps setting the energetic tone. Electric guitar and shimmering synthesizer come together with style in this youthful pop-ballad. A word to the wise, your face might hurt from smiling upon repeated listen.


2. "On Wings" - Golden Youth

This song paints a more expansive picture of spring. This epic ballad gorgeously arranges powerful strings, big drums, organ and guitar.  Seriously, this composition soars and makes you hold on with every movement. 


3. "Too Young to Burn" - Sonny & The Sunsets

Break out your shades for this one; A classic number cruising down Route 66 without a care in the world.  Filled with enough stomps and claps to make you get up and move.  Eternally youthful, evoking the era of beach blanket bingo, this song is timelessly cool, plain and simple.


4. "Fortune Teller" - Campfires

The electric guitar riffs in this song have such a vintage aesthetic that sounds like it came straight out of 60's radio. Bouncing along in retro fashion, this catchy pop song is so damn fun, it's infectious.  


5. "Northern Lights" - Cavaliers

Total beach vibes on this one.  This song sways in a nice breeze of reverb-soaked vocals and bright ukulele. With hopeful plucks on the acoustic guitar and angelic ooh's & ahh's, this composition is an invitation to step out into the sunlight.

Posted on April 10, 2014 and filed under Music.