We're seeking a Studio Manager + Administrative Support Gladiator

Do you remember that scene in The Matrix when waves of bullets are raining on Keanu Reeves and then suddenly everything shifts into slow motion and Neo magically out maneuvers impending death? For this opportunity, you are Neo and the wide array of tasks, projects, and responsibilities at Marmoset are the bullets. But really ­­we’re looking for someone who can manage a wide range of responsibilities, random projects, varying tasks, and administrative work, while simultaneously maintaining a highly organized, clean and well supplied creative studio.  We need someone who is extremely resourceful, a self­ starter, and has superhuman multi­tasking abilities. We’re looking for someone to begin with us as a student...one who will first listen, study, and learn... and quickly grow into the role of a critical thinker who is constantly looking for ways to improve systems and processes. For more information about the opportunity and to apply, click here:  

+ https://marmosetmusic.squarespace.com/were-hiring

Posted on March 21, 2014 and filed under Marmoset.