Music + Picture // The Seven Wonders of Oregon

You can have the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef, we have seven wonders of our own.

We're absolutely stoked to have worked on this amazing project with the likes of Travel OregonKatie Reardon and the whole crew at Wieden + Kennedy in a recent campaign for the state that we call home.  In a series of beautifully-filmed vignettes we helped score the soundtrack for the Seven Wonders of Oregon.

With the music supervision of our very own Ron Lewis, our friend Eric D. Johnson of the Fruit Bats scored original music to match the engaging imagery of Oregon's 7 magical settings.

Bryan John Appleby also joined in on the fun with his powerful song "Boys" perfectly matching the tone of the trailer below.

Check out this vignette where Eric's tune coasts along with the snowy wonderland of Mt. Hood.  

Want to see more?  Go HERE to see more of we call the our own Seven Wonders.