Introducing: Marmoset Radio

Explore and discover music: Anytime, Anywhere.  We're excited to announce Marmoset Radio.

In effort to help you along the search for the perfect song, we present 7 finely-crafted stations that span the musical spectrum of our expansive catalog.  With more than 10,000 songs from our roster, we'd like to make them more accessible for you whenever you need them.  Let inspiration come to you.

Here are the current stations handpicked by our talented Radio Curation Team...

Heavy RotationCurated by Ryan Wines 

Indie Electro - Curated by Shane Geiger & Ryan Wines

Soundtrack for Lovers - Curated by Ryan Wines

Indie Discovery - Curated by Ron Lewis & Ryan Wines 

Pop Folk - Curated by Eric Nordby & Ryan Wines

Relaxation + Chill - Curated by Kat Olsen & Ron Lewis

Record Label Feature: Tender Loving Empire - Curated by Brandon Day

You can access Marmoset Radio by clicking on the radio icon on your desktop or tablet. This feature can also be accessed on your mobile device from the menu drawer by clicking on the "Turn on Marmoset Radio" button.