Featured Artist // Jeremy Enigk

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Ladies and gentleman, we are proud and honored to announce that Jeremy Enigk has joined the Marmoset family.

Most widely known for this involvement as singer and songwriter for the acclaimed and influential band Sunny Day Real Estate. Enigk's solo songs deliver cinematic, anthemic and dynamic compositions that range from subtle acoustic folk to indie-pop ballads. Long story short, Jeremy Enigk has been pushing his genre of music forward for for a while now and knows exactly what he's doing.

In his hopeful and exciting instrumental "A New Beginning", it ascends and unfolds beautifully with oohs & aahs, electric guitar and strings.  In a short time, this song moves as a journey and leaves you in an empowered state.

Driven heavily with piano, "Mind Idea" settles into a reflective and imaginative state.  This emotional piece keeps a steady rhythm and classic choruses that are catchy in their own unique way.

"Late of Camera" is a balance of the sombre and stoic.  Filled with multiple crescendos, this songs spans a variety of different moods and intensity. From driving guitar to melodic piano, there's a little bit of everything in this one.  This composition goes from moodier moments to bright and inspired sections - truly moving.

Dig this great music video for "Mind Idea" and check out the rest of Jeremy Enigk's expansive catalog at his Artist Profile.