Featured Artist // Belvedear


A song is only as good as the story behind it.  Belvedear is a story of longtime friends Eric Nordby (Norman) and Johnny Clay (The Dimes), and it's a tale that is at once familial and welcoming.

This collaboration between two old friends reveals some incredible results.  Their orchestral-pop ballads present a world of hope, optimism and joy which is a nice breath of fresh air.  

Let's take stroll in sunlight of their songs...

"Drivers" moves like a sweeping cinematic score with acoustic guitar and strings elevating the mood to a bright and revelatory space.  The song starts minimal and ascends into a flurry of multiple crescendos and bursts into an full on anthem at 1:28.

The reflective mood of "Runway" begins in human and vulnerable state, starting with sparse piano and strings.  At :48, the song lifts into an empowered crescendo with oohs & ahhs leading the way.

"Love Lines" starts right out of the gates with confidence and never lets you down. Upbeat and inspiring, this composition will lift any mood in just one minute. An eternally youthful piece that is filled with...well, love.