Licensing tips for your next film from Wistia

When it comes to film, music plays an equally important role as the visuals, the folks at Wistia agree. 

In this rad (and hilarious) tutorial on how to choose music for your video, Dan Mills drops some serious knowledge on the fundamentals of music licensing. Some key moments include 0:34 where someone reads the same lines over different background music. At 1:00, Dan talks about finding the right feel for your film (this is where we make an appearance). 

Click on the image to see the video.

The film continues at 1:46 with comparing the differences between the form of a song matching video form. An important point comes up at 3:03 on finding songs with real instruments over licensing songs with electronic banjo and acoustic guitar (you can really hear the difference, folks).  High quality music stands out and makes your film shine through.

We love Wistia and use their platform for the video content on our website.  Seriously, these folks know what they're talking about.  In celebration of this video, we're offering a special "Wistia Discount" on your next license.  Share the love.