#standwithme Tour Starts Tonight


Stillmotion has a story from the heart they want to share with you.  Where will you be when they come through town?

After countless months of hard work, the day is finally here.  February 1st is not only National Freedom Day, it also means that the #standwithme film is being shown across the country.  Our dear friends at Stillmotion are heading out on the road and premiering their debut documentary across the nation and beyond the borders.  We could not be more proud and excited to be a part to help sponsor and be a part of this experience.

#standwithme expresses many things: child slavery, one girl's mission to end it and the community that is created through awareness and compassion.  If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out HERE.


Starting tonight in San Francisco, their crew will not only be premiering the film, but will be holding a workshop called Storytelling With Heart where the conversation takes place outside of the film.  Within these workshops, they'll assist you in telling the story you want to get out into the world.  That's where we come in - During some of these workshops, we'll be helping with the musical end of creating the narrative you want.  Through the help of the Creative Licensing team, we'll be aiding your search or the perfect song for your story.

We're excited to see what stories and dialogue come to life through this experience.  Now the only question is: What is a story from your heart that you want to tell? 

Feel free to share below.