3 New Music Videos You Should Check Out

It's been a damn good time for music videos.  With so much music coming in our thriving artistic community, it's been answered with a loving outpour of cinematic interpretations.  We present 3 recent collaborations of sight and sound.


Nick Jaina // Don't Come To Me

We love Nick Jaina, we also love his charmingly awkward dance moves.  The Oregon Ballet Theatre must also love his sweet moves too because they choreographed a routine with him.  Beautifully shot by director Seth Wheldon, this videos will leave you fully enraptured again and again.

Check out Nick Jaina's Artist Profile HERE.

Alameda // New Leaf

An older song brought to new life. This animation was a labor of love from the awesome Denver-based agency Legwork. The project took nearly two years to finish due to files being lost and computers crashing. However, this amazing piece is getting the accolades it deserves being selected as an Staff Pick on Vimeo and will be screened at this years SXSW Festival.

Check out Alameda's Artist Profile HERE.

Cars & Trains // Nations

multi-instrumentalist + electronic aficionado Tom Fillep (aka Cars & Trains) makes his selfie debut in this simple and unique video.  This glitchy one-take shot reminds us of those analog VHS tracking days, yet something more modern.  The textures in the video are strongly reminiscent with the ones in the song. Enjoy.

Check out Cars & Trains Artist Profile HERE.