Featured Artist // Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan.jpg

The music of Matthew Morgan is a calm deep breath.  

With each orchestral and ambient composition carrying an inspired and empowered mood, there is a lot of space between every note for reflection.  Morgan's beautiful scores create a perfect bedding of sound for any moving image it accompanies.  Although his music is peaceful, there is still an epic impact with every song.  Here are a couple of examples...

"Quinn Gunnar" is at once angelic and hopeful. Keeping a steady texture of bright and gorgeous synthesizers, it was a great companion and opening song to this Showtime sports documentary with it's serene and optimistic tone. 

The cinematic piano of "Sun Through The Clouds" made for a perfect backdrop to a recent short film from The North Face.  As we follow along the scary world of solo climbing, the music keeps an imaginative and relaxed space to balance everything in perfect harmony.  Absolutely jaw dropping.

Now that you've seen a couple of examples, how would you license these songs?