Original Music // Your Year With Nike+

When it comes to most achievements, the only obstacle to overcome tends to be ourselves. Our collaboration with Nike+AKQA and our dear friend Katie Reardon takes this idea literally, having a ton of fun in the process. 

Nike teamed up with French artist McBess to illustrate animated videos highlighting a year of amazing triumphs runners had in 2014 using the Nike+ app. Over 100K athletes across the United States and Canada were rewarded with a personalized filmeach telling a unique story. Take for example that Lesina from Santa Monica, CA's film is different than Richard from Loveland, CO's.

In the spirit of celebration, our team of producers Tim Shrout and Rob Dennler went with a joyful and bouncy indie-rock anthem packed with energy. As the soundtrack runs along with the playful animation, there is one unifying call to action: outdo yourself in 2015. And we intend to do just that.