Marmoset X Wistia: Introducing Our New Mixtape for the #videowkd Project

We're sincerely giddy to announce a joint endeavor with our dear friends at Wistia. They're curating this cool project called #videowkd — a collaborative pursuit with filmmakers where the mission is simple: share videos and stories from your weekend adventures.

For our part, Wistia asked us to curate a collection of songs and soundtracks for their community to use with their #videowkd videos. Marmoset's Creative Licensing Team dug deep and selected ten undeniable tracks, perfect for editing the most epic or even the most typical weekend adventures to.


Why do we do this? Because collaboration is good for community and is especially good for the soul. We believe life's stories of human experience and adventure deserve aptly advantageous soundtracks -- and we're honored to participate in collaborative forums like this where real people can express themselves with wild and reckless abandon. Check out Wistia's project HERE.

Here's to sharing!

Note: These finely-crafted songs are offered on a gratis basis, fully available for use on any #videowkd projects. All artists, to whom these songs belong, have been paid fairly, through a partnership with our dear friends at Wistia. However, please keep in mind that these songs can only be used on a gratis basis for #videowkd projects and are not permitted for any other use in projects or videos without a properly acquired license. To license any of these tracks for other projects and endeavors, please visit our licensing platform: 

Posted on December 2, 2014 and filed under Music.