Music + Picture // Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design find the right mood for their story

Stories and celebrations are too important to not share with others. When we hear and see them, we always take something. This week's story comes from Kristine Kilbourne from The Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

Kristine worked on a film about alumni Gregory Hayes that was awarded the prestigious MarCom Award. In telling his story, she was looking to "capture Gregory's calm and contemplative demeanor." She was seeking a mood that echoed his unique painting style "he [Gregory] uses a dropper to create his work, so we looked for something that was rhythmic and measured." Through our platform, they landed on "Walking Home" by Cavaliers. Here is Gregory's story.

Kilbourne excitedly shared her thoughts with us "When we're filming and editing we spend hours figuring out how the footage is going to come together and what the overall message and feel will be. The viewer doesn't go through that process, so there has to be an immediate way to convey the vibe that we've discovered." She continued by saying "The right music can also add an incredible layer of depth. Video is such a powerful storytelling tool because it engages us both visually and auditorily. To get the most out of film, every element has to be at its best, including the music. Get it wrong and the story seems off, but get it right and suddenly everything works together."

We couldn't agree more. 

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Posted on November 25, 2014 and filed under Shared Work.