Field Notes: An interview with Olga Yagolnikov of Kye Kye

When it comes to people's misconceptions about the life of a musician, Kye Kye's Olga Yagolnikov has some things to clear up.

Earlier this week, we chatted with filmmaker, Clayton Worfolk about his powerful New York Times film San Quentin's GiantsThe soundtrack—including Kye Kye's empowering electro-pop track "Fantasize"—provided a lush, orchestral bedding underneath the honest and human VO narrative.

Flipping to the other side of the marriage of music & film coin, we caught up with Olga about her life on the road, composing music for picture and her thoughts on the recent collaboration with Worfolk's film.

M: When did you all start writing music?

OY: We started at a pretty young age… Its been a big part of our lives growing up. Our parents played music and made us start learning early on. At one point, Tim [and I] started writing together… So I guess in our “teens” our writing journey started.

M: What does a day on the road look like? What are some common misconceptions people have about touring?

OY: I think people don’t really know the full extent of how very tough the road can be, even though it's such a gratifying and amazing part of what we do. A lot of people don’t understand the physical and emotional wear it can put on a mind and body. You live in a suitcase, you're away from everyone. Your sleeping schedules get funky and so do appetites.. you're with the same people every moment of the day and all working together for this common goal to put on a great show. There can be a lot of pressure knowing you're playing to a big group of people every night. But honestly, it's totally worth it and we're learning and refining the process with every run, making it easier on us :)

M: What were some of the inspirations behind “Fantasize"?

OY: Love, Silence, Maturity. It really comes down to those three very solid words, they were a big part of everything in that record. It's also about taking the next step. By “growing up" we learned a lot.

M: How do you feel your music complimented San Quentin's Giants?

OY: I broke down watching that video. Honestly I don’t even know the answer to that question. Hearing all those men's personal stories and how they found a way to come alive through baseball. It's just so dang amazing. It was so incredibly touching and it's a huge honor to be a part of that story.

M: What's your recording process like?

OY: It's been different every time. Different cities and lovely people that contribute. But the first initial steps don't really change. Tim [and I] usually write separately at first, going back and forth with ideas, then later coming together and refining the songs and making them awesome!! And awesome changes to whatever we think it should be in the moment. I think the answer to that question will always be changing because we love challenging ourselves and trying new things.

M: What's coming up?

OY: We are writing again!!! It is just so exciting!! Tim [and I] have had a blast writing so far. We're trying new things, sounds and truly enjoying the process. It's so refreshing to know you're growing everyday. It's so important to have great communication and I really feel that it's just getting better and better because we start opening up and weeding out a lot of fear and pressure. Even with a close sibling, it's really a process. If you're honest, art can’t be wrong!!

But we will definitely be updating all our lovely fans on the internets! Stay tuned!

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