Music + Picture // The North Face's journey of "Curiosity" will leave you breathless

The incredibly talented folks over at Camp4 Collective are back with another breathtaking film for The North Face. Their new piece "Curiosity" takes you on a journey overcoming obstacles both physical and emotional.

We follow three runners as they prep for a 100 mile race and the unknown that it comes with. Loaded with stunning footage of Italy and Switzerland, we travel along their literal and personal adventure. Look out for our interview with co-director Tim Kemple coming out next Tuesday.

Our approach with the soundtrack needed to follow the emotional highs and lows faced in the film while keeping an optimistic tone. We paired the energized and anthemic synth-pop "Endless Horizon" by More Like Georgia to accompany the euphoric moments. For the times of reflection, the cinematic, piano-driven track "Indian Piano Theme" by Matthew Morgan fit perfectly. 

Posted on October 1, 2014 and filed under Shared Work.