Music + Picture // San Quentin's Giants

Our good friends at Heist are back again with another stunning portrait of a world that we may never see in person: baseball in prison.

Earlier this year, we were floored by their short documentary about Ronnie, a homeless runner who was training for the San Francisco Marathon (check out our interview with director, Jordan DeBree). Now, we were able to collaborate in giving a voice from an often unseen place.

Through a series of interviews and captivating footage for The New York Times, Heist's team illustrates how baseball unifies people through teamwork in the most unlikely setting. The gritty imagery of San Quentin State Penitentiary is juxtaposed with a dreamy, orchestral soundtrack from the likes of Marmoset artists La Liberte, Matthew Morgan and Kye Kye. This is a human story, and an important one to tell.