3 Reasons why you should listen to Purse Candy's new album "Visions of a Healed Kingdom"

It's been two years since our good friend Matthew Ellis (aka Purse Candy) has released an album. And it's been two years well worth the wait. His new release Visions of a Healed Kingdom is an electro-pop force to be reckoned with.

If you haven't heard Ellis's hook-filled synth-pop jams yet, we'll get you acquainted here. We're extremely proud of this album. Not only was it recorded in Marmoset's studio, it also features the wizardry of our own producers Tim Shrout and Rob Dennler.  Here are three more reasons why Visions... should be the next album you listen to.

1. Each song will make you dance your ass off

From start to finish, this album has enough 80's retro grooves and beats to make Prince proud. From one shimmering, provocative track to another, Ellis creates inviting grooves that requires more than just passive head-nodding, and demands your best (and worst) dance moves.

2. This album elevates Electro-Pop as we know it

Purse Candy does an amazing job of taking inspirations from the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince while making something unique and modern. The production and high-level attention to detail makes this a go-to album that will stand the test of time. And besides, we'll always love a good sax solo, right?

3. You'll be prepped for their Album Release Show tonight

Purse Candy is celebrating the release of their new album tonight at Holocene and these tracks are best experienced live and on the dance floor. By listening to the album now, you'll be able to sing along with confidence and know when every beat drops. We'll see you at the show.

Posted on October 29, 2014 and filed under Music.