Why You Should Be Using Original Music for Your Film Project

The right song might not be written yet...

Just because there's a lot of good music out there doesn't mean it's perfect for your project.  When considering a soundtrack, it's not just about placing a song that fits the vibe of the piece.  Through custom composition, our "nest" of composers scored original music that moves with the arc, energy and mood of your unique story.

For example, in our recent collaboration with Instrument, we helped curate music to the dynamic ebbs and flows of their scenic documentary "The Build". The whole project culminated into one cohesive narrative, each element helping the other achieve an emotional experience.

Why is custom music important?

Sometimes custom compositions can bring more clarity and intention to a film. Our Creative Director, Brian Hall shed some light on the process.

"Custom music is important because it affords the music the opportunity to respond to picture. For a lot of filmmakers, they have a ritual of finding music and then building their edits around it... When there's original music, the opposite can take effect as well. You get this push and pull and collaborative experience that yields really special results when the right cooks are in the kitchen. We've work really hard to master the feeling, and the state of mind, of serving the narrative... really digging deep and mastering our craft and sculpting music that blows the lid off the director's vision. It's a really fun process. I think for most filmmakers that do it a lot, it's really really enjoyable and a special part of their process that they get joy out of. In every case, and as effective as licensing can be,  that collaborative push and pull you get is something that cannot be re-created."

Producer, Rob Dennler chimes in poignantly stating: "Original music is just that; Original. Meaning, it was crafted solely to fit a film's unique vision. Every element of the music- the arc, the mood, the instrumentation, the scoring points, and the genre, are all constructed with a specific purpose in mind... To help bring a story to life."

The relationship between music and picture is an individualized collaboration that creates impactful and emotional moments with lasting effect.

What story are you going to tell next?