The Art of the Remix


Sometimes the best way to appreciate a song is to simply reinterpret it.  By remixing a song, it gives new life and new perspective to a song that you may already know and love.  Whether by modernizing a once acoustic song with synthetic instruments, or redefining a main melody and replacing the structure all together, there is a great homage in recreating a song.  

In the spirit of such creativity, here are a few examples of songs that we enjoy all over again in their new form and light.

Let's first start with the angelic and powerful song "Broke" by Kye Kye.  In it's original state, this composition steadily pushes forward with cinematic synthesizers and epic drum machines - inspiring and intimate at the same time.

Now the remix... When reinterpreted, there is a more ethereal and gritty tone to the piece. While keeping an imaginative tone, the song moves at a more frenetic pace, which more starts and stops a long the way.

Continuing along, here's the original version of "Zombies" by Radiation City. In their unique and classic style, they keep it playful and vintage in their confident indie-pop jams.

As for the remix, there is a completely different vibe, but that compliments and pushes the song to another level.  This soulful rendition brings a bright and slick approach to the once calm and collected piece. There are a lot of changes with this remix in that there are new vocal cameos and it's taken the form of a precise hip-hop song that still keeps the cool exterior that Radiation City is so well known for.

Things get interesting with this one.  "Rise" by Josh Garrels is a beautiful medley of lush acoustic folk textures with soulful vocals that deliver an emotional and revelatory experience. Harmonious and expansive.

This is where it take a huge turn.  In the remix, it opens with dark and burdened synthetic textures.  Garrels voice is manipulated and cut into pieces, yet still keep his rich vocal presence.  Angelic and ethereal, this feels like a completely different song, yet that's a good thing.

Lastly, Cars & Trains song "And All of Us, As Well" gives us another perspective of how a song can be elevated to different dynamics. In a clever combination of folk and electronic music, this ambient song moves at a consistent pace with acoustic guitar and synthesizer.

The remix brings in a more cinematic and uplifting quality.  Ramping up the composition to a higher energy pace, strings are introduced bringing a powerful and emotional element. This reinterpretation presents dark dance music that makes you reflect while busting a move.