Featured Work // "From Tree To Tarte Tatin" presents music to cook to

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you have nursed your collective hangovers and didn't get into too many fist fights.  Now, let's kick off 2014 with a colorful new vignette from filmmaker François Vaxelaire.  

François found the song "Clouds" through our Singles platform for this vignette.  This composition sets a great orchestral and anthemic tone, dancing with the film at a consistent and uplifting pace. 

From Tree To Tarte is an awesome visualization of a recipe for a rad food blog Sunday Supper.  This vignette is energetic and vibrant. What's cool is that we get to see a different approach to learning a recipe through a vivid multimedia experience. 

What projects are you working on in 2014?  Comment below and send us your stories, y'hear?

- Stirling Myles