Hey Filmmakers, Meet our Crowdfunding License

In recent years, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter  and IndieGoGo  have been conduits for bringing to life incredible creative projects. They've taken the difficult concept of bringing a mass group of people to support a single artist or cause and made it simple, easy and, most of all, fun.  

 One of the most fun aspects (and one that largely contributes to if the project is funded or not) is the video that accompanies the campaign.  Over the years, as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo gained in popularity, so to did the requests from these video producers for music for their campaign videos.  

And with that, we're excited to be able to help make the process of syncing music to your campaign video as simple as possible - meet our new Crowdfunding License

Our Crowdfunding License covers the duration of your campaign – this way you're only paying for the lifespan of your project (up to 60 days). It also allows you to use the song to advertise a single product. 

For all of the information, please visit our FAQ available here.

Now, what would a post on crowdfunding platforms be without highlighting a couple of incredible campaign videos? 

"I'm Fine, Thanks" is a documentary funded through the successful crowdfunding campaign last year from Crank Tank Studios.

A crew of filmmakers traveled 10,000 miles interviewing people along the way; how they found happiness in their lives through unexpected ways. They raised $116,164 from 44,477 supporters.

This wonderful vignette was backed with the song Building Houses by Wesley Jensen

Our buds in Typhoon recently had successful Kickstarter campaign in buying a new touring van.

As a working band that is constantly on the road, the need for a fully functioning and reliable van is crucial. 

They were able to raise $63,480  from 996 supporters.

Music was by, well...Typhoon.