Tender Loving Empire joins the Marmoset family

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When thinking of Portland landmarks, it's hard not to make a list without Forest Park, Stumptown Coffee, Voodoo Doughnuts, Powell's Bookstore.  Now there's another name to add to the list: Tender Loving Empire

Since 2006, owners Jared and Brianne Mees have quickly made TLE become a staple and local meeting place for creative exchange. Being the renaissance fixture that it is, TLE is one part retail consignment shop, one part screen printing studio, and one part record label that completes a powerful triad of awesomeness.  TLE's record label hosts a plethora of buzz bands including the likes of Typhoon, Y La Bamba and Radiation City; and we couldn't be happier to announce that we'll be adding their artists to our roster today. 

We're excited to start collaborating with such an amazing entity as Tender Loving Empire an all of the amazing work they do.  Let's take a look at some of the new bands/artists we'll be working with...


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When listening to Typhoon, the music envelops you right out of the gates with layers upon layers of shifting and expanding guitar, stringed, horned, and vocal textures.  With the immensely strong storytelling lyricism of Kyle Morton, each song moves and sweeps while grabbing with you imagery that gravitates with strong emotions. With a newly released album under their belts, they are well on their way to become a household name not only in our local neighborhoods, but every neighborhood. 

Check out their Marmoset artist profile HERE

Lend an hear to their incredibly engaging track "The Honest Truth"

Radiation City


Being recently voted as Portland’s Best New Band, it’s no surprise that Radiation City's engaging throw-back crooning sound with a modern tinge has won the hearts and ears of many.  Their music speaks volumes to how creative it is, from the wide array of textures to the soulful musings of lead singer Elisabeth Ellison.  From all of these different elements, what is ultimately created is something very original and blends the vintage with the modern in a very harmonious way.  

Check out their Marmoset artist profile HERE 

Give a listen to their beautiful and haunting piece "The Color of Industry" 

Y La Bamba

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Y La Bamba create haunting and delicately crafted art folk. Half sung in Spanish, this group presents a fresh take on their multicultural approach with compositions that present something new and unique to the musical landscape. With Luz Elena's ethereal vocals combined with bittersweet melodies and thrumming Latin-inspired rhythms, what forms is an indie-folk masterpiece. 

Check out their Marmoset artist profile HERE 

We've been loving their haunting and gorgeous track "Juniper"

Want to hear more bands on TLE's label?  Check out our curated Tender Loving Empire Mixtape HERE .