Elvis gets a facelift from Sallie Ford and The Parson Red Heads

Spread the Love.jpg

We recently collaborated with the Portland Timbers and Juliet Zulu on a series of videos for their Spread The Love Project. We brought some of our favorite bands into the mix to cover "Can't Help Falling in Love" by the late and great Elvis Presley.  We worked with bands including Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Red Fang, The Parson Red Heads, and Drexler (our very own Brian Hall) in this campaign of community outreach. 

The Spread the Love Project is a series of nominations given from 107 ambassadors who have deep ties to soccer and our local community.  Nominees are awarded packets of Timbers and Thorns tickets, giving them a chance to experience a game in person.

Within each vignette, a classic song is rejuvenated through a new band, married with images of people reaching out to one another in their community.  This is a project of collaboration and support that you don't have to be a soccer fan to rally around.

Dig these videos with glimpses from inspiring people in our community.  With all of the love going around, we're getting a little choked up over here.  

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside croons along with Thorns Alex Morgan, Rachel Buehler & Tobin Heath surprising a local U12 team

Drexler amps up the mood in his rendition of Presley's classic song.

The Parson Red Heads provide a touching soundtrack to an inspiring story of Bob, a long time kindergarten teacher.

When thinking about a project like this, it's more than just a ticket to a game; it's a philosophy of giving.  As various people from a myriad of backgrounds have been nominated, they take something more lasting than a night with the Timbers; they take away an acknowledgement from their community. Check out some of their personal testimonies HERE.

Want to nominate someone?  Give a shout out and join the conversation at Spread The Love's Facebook Page