On the road, hand in hand // Radiation City & Typhoon are coming for you


Radiation City

Radiation City

Radiation City and Typhoon have hit the road together and are most likely playing where you live in the coming weeks.  Both bands are on our roster and it's great to see our creative community broaden out to the national spotlight. Here are 3 reasons why you need to see them.   

1.  Merch sales overpower CD sales.  Next to licensing and merch sales, touring is one of the main ways that bands can make a living.  With the growing number of online sources to stream music for free, CD sales have become a small factor in creating a sustainable living for independent musicians.  By coming out to the shows, you're directly supporting and engaging these touring bands to keep going, thus, making more music, and we all love music, right?

2. Live Music is the best music.  Typhoon consists of 11 members in their band and just by that sheer volume of people playing music together is something to witness in itself.  There's something visceral and powerful about seeing recorded music literally come to life. on stage.  Both Radiation City and Typhoon present something special: innovative music that carries the torch of creative storytelling.  These bands are talented and if their albums haven't won you over yet, their live performance will.

3. Meet the bands.  One of the best parts of going to show is meeting the people that create the music that you love.  In this special opportunity, you can engage with the artists and take your own stories from this unique experience.  With this said, make sure to give them a high five for us.

Check out their upcoming dates. 

Wednesday, September 11 - Missoula, MT @ The Top Hat

Thursday, September 12 - Boise, ID @ El Korah Shrine 

Friday, September 13 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge

Saturday, September 14 - Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive 

Monday, September 16 - Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room Lounge

Tuesday, September 17 - St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House 

Thursday, September 19 - Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center

Friday, September 20 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall 

Saturday, September 21 - Columbus, OH @ Wexner Center for the Arts 

See all of the dates HERE