Marmoset News // Fast Company Magazine Writeup

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A little bit ago, our little operation caught the attention from the award-winning business magazine Fast Company.  Their writer, Tyler Hayes, had some very nice things to say about the work that we do. 

In this in-depth write up, Hayes brought up the fact that even in the age of such technological accessibility, artists aren't making a sustainable living from album sales and Spotify streams.  There is a lack of industry support for independent artists, and the age of rock-stardom is quickly dwindling with the height of over saturation of bands and lack of resources.  However, there is another way to be successful as a working musician, and it doesn't include playing in sold out stadiums, it lays in licensing and placement.

Check out the article HERE .

Tyler Hayes continues with examples of the work that we do with bands such as Kye Kye and we've been able to place them on commercials including Samsung (see below).  Furthering his point, Hayes includes an interview with our co-founder Ryan Wines explaining how artists need to stop looking to past and embrace what the new musical landscape looks like.  With so much creativity in the music writing process, artists are sometimes left stumped in continuing their creativity in the music industry and getting their music out into the world.  This conundrum happens without industry support and not knowing what questions to ask, and we're excited to help artists ask and answer those questions.

A huge thanks goes out to Tyler and Fast Company for the love.  Don't take our word for it, read it for yourself.