12 bands. 4 days. 1 studio. An experiment in collaboration.

Today is a special day, friends. Today is the day that we unveil our Side By Side collaboration project to the world, and the word is already spreading like wildfire.  This morning, SPIN gave us some love, streaming a song by Dolorean delicately covering the song by Radiation City - Check it out HERE.

The Side By Side collaboration project is a culmination of 12 bands, 4 days, and 1 studio.  Back in March, in one whiskey-infused week, we brought in some of our favorite bands together to collaborate and cover each others songs.  Bands and artists including Dolorean, Radiation City, Lost Lander and The Parson Red Heads went to into the intimate studio Secret Society to write and record. We came out the other end of the frenzy with 12 beautifully crafted and composed songs.

Over the last couple of months, we've been busy mixing and mastering to bring the album to life today, ready for your ears. The Side By Side Collaboration album is now available online for sale on iTunes and Bandcamp.  When you visit either of these sites, not only will you be supporting independent music, but you'll supporting a great cause.  All profits from the sales of this album go to our good friends at Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls.

Dig these tracks and enjoy this celebration of our thriving music community,  When listening to these songs, you're listening to a pure labor of love and the spirit of collaboration; you're listening to our deepest thanks.