Featured Artist // Evan Phillips: A Voice From The Last Frontier

Evan Phillips is a busy man.  Not only does this Anchorage native have years of experience touring and playing in the acclaimed band The Whipsaws, he writes and produces various projects including Easton Stagger Phillips and Evan & Molly .  Phillips also runs the thriving Monolith Agency, booking and curating Alaskan tours for up and coming bands (i.e. Quiet Life, Emma Hill, Alameda, etc.) putting Alaska on the musical map.

Like we mentioned before, Mr. Phillips is a very busy man.

Photo courtesy of Alex Lewis @ Oregon Public Broadcasting

Photo courtesy of Alex Lewis @ Oregon Public Broadcasting

What speaks volumes is the work that Evan has done striking out on his own, his solo music captures a deep reflection that resonates.  With sparse guitar work and clear vocals, his confessional songwriting brings a sense of optimism and hope.  Evoking vivid traveling landscapes, like the dense and tall forests of Lexington, KY to the sweeping view of the Denali mountain range, Evan has left the city behind and draws much of his inspiration from the solace of the outdoors.

Carrying the torch of his influences of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The Drive By Truckers, Phillips carries his own voice and brand making his mark on the aged lineage of folk songwriting. 

We're elated to announce that we've added Evan Phillips to the Marmoset family and are in awe of everything that he's already done and continuing to do; and with shout outs in SPIN Magazine and NPR's Marketplace recently, we imagine he's going to be doing a lot more.