3 Simple Steps To Download Your Temp Tracks

There's a lot of music out there, and with our hand-picked and finely curated roster of working and independent artists, we've made it easier with our search features to find the right song for your project. 

So now you've found a few songs that you might want to use for your project, but need to make sure that it's the perfect fit for your film with some editing.  Aside from using our cool new Mixtape feature that lets you collect and share songs, you can download and share MP3 versions to work and edit with clients and coworkers. It's also important to note that these downloaded songs are not watermarked and tainted with, since we understand that it's crucial to try out the real songs before fully committing to licensing them.  Here are three easy steps to get you on your way.

1. Find the track you want

After registering, creating your account, and searching through our catalog, it's time to choose one of the songs that you might want to work with.  First thing to do is hover over the song that you want to download, a group of icons will appear to the right of the song (see below)

Picture 9.png

2. Downloading the temp track

Once you have the icons appearing next to the track you want, click on the download icon (highlighted below) to start the process of getting the song into a workable format for whatever editing program your using.  The song will be downloaded in a lower res MP3 format.

Picture 8.png

3. Sharing your temp track

Once you have successfully downloaded the temp track, you can now import the song into any editing software that you're using with your project, as well as share it with clients and people that are working with you from your computer

When licensing music, It's always good to take the time and make sure you have the right song with time and editing.  With this said, we're excited to help you find the perfect soundtrack with these tools to get your art out into the world.