Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Go To PDX Pop Now This Weekend!


Starting tonight and happening throughout this weekend is the 10th annual PDX Pop Now! Festival. For three days, music will be heard up and down all of the SE industrial area (SE Water Avenue & SE Taylor Street).  Back in 2004, a volunteer group of members from the online community PDX-POP created the first installment to celebrate Portland's vibrant music scene and community - and it has done so and continues to grow into something beyond what any other festival can do, here's why...

1. PDX Pop Now! is a grassroots festival run by volunteers for the sheer love of local music that showcases up and coming bands that range from experimental compositions of Like A Villain to the lively folk musings of Y La Bamba, to far reaches of hip-hop with the likes of Slimkid3.  There's a unique blend and diversity of music that can't be heard in one place anywhere else this year.

2. The festival is FREE.  There is no charge to enjoy all this music. This encourages the audience to buy music from the bands and support them directly.

3. PDX Pop Now! is ALL-AGES.  With so many shows being limited for younger audiences for most of the year, this festival is a chance for everyone to enjoy so much amazing live music. 

With all of these elements together, you have one of the most innovative festivals to date and it just keeps getting better and better.  There's a ton of bands playing, if you need help finding out who to see, check out the video below

Have a great weekend.